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Best Jeep Mods for Rock Crawling

Best Jeep Mods for Rock Crawling

From sandy deserts to muddy marshes, each type of off-roading terrain brings different challenges. To ensure that you’re properly prepared to handle those challenges, you’ll need to know which type of off-roading you plan to engage in so that you can modify your vehicle accordingly. Different mods are suited to different types of off-roading. Before you start investing in modifications, determine which type of off-roading suits your lifestyle the best so that you don’t waste money on updates that you rarely use. If taking on mountains and extreme obstacles suits your style, take a look at these examples of some of the best Jeep mods for rock crawling.

Lift Kit

A lift kit is one of the most important off-roading mods for Jeep owners that want to attempt rock crawling. Lifting your Jeep will increase its clearance as well as its breakover, approach, and departure angles. As a result, the vehicle will be able to drive over larger obstacles without getting stuck or damaged. If a vehicle doesn’t have a high enough lift, that will drastically limit the size of boulders that it is able to successfully climb.

Rock Sliders

To protect your Jeep while tackling challenging terrain, consider investing in rock sliders. Rock sliders shield the door sills and door bottoms of a Jeep from damage when climbing rocks and other intense obstacles. They are generally composed of box section steel or tubular steel and attach to the chassis of the Jeep.

By affixing your Jeep with rock sliders, you can enjoy rock crawling more confidently without worrying that you’re destroying your Jeep in the process. As a bonus, rock sliders can also serve as a recovery point for a winch in case your vehicle gets stuck.

A Winch

Another one of the best Jeep mods for rock crawling is a winch kit. When rock crawling, there is always a possibility that your Jeep will get stuck. If you end up bottoming out or getting stuck between two rocks, a winch kit can pull you out of a sticky situation. For your winch kit to be of any use, however, it’s important to follow the crucial off-roading safety rule of always going with a buddy—ideally, a buddy with a vehicle powerful enough to tow you out.