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TEXT-IN TOPIC: Is it time for a stoplight?

During SVI Radio’s Weekday Wakeup morning show on Thursday, June 15 Duke & Dahl asked listeners if they felt it was time for a stoplight in Afton or other communities in Star Valley.

The discussion comes up almost every summer as traffic increases. Some areas such as the intersections by the Afton Maverik and Burger King are often brought up as locations that need a stoplight. Another common location suggested is the intersection of Highway 89 and Clark Ln. near the Wolf Den in Etna.

Currently Star Valley has just one stop light, which is located in Alpine at the junction of Highway 89 and Highway 26.

Below are the responses and opinions from radio listeners regarding stoplights in Star Valley. The Weekday Wakeup with Duke, Dahl & Dan can be heard Monday through Friday from 7-9 a.m. on Swift 98.7 FM and The Spur 106.7 FM (lower valley) or 107.5 FM (upper valley).

Pro Stoplight

“Absolutely need a stop light at one of the roads that come onto US 89 from the schools!!! NO OOOOO roundabouts! Dumbest things ever created!!”

“As much as a stop light would be good to control the flow and speed of travelers on route 89. You will need more police to be around to make sure travelers don’t run a red light. Unless you put a camera to get the drivers tag number a light is just a light that some might feel they don’t have to obey. Good idea for the safety of drivers, but it takes more than a light to control speeders and reckless drivers”

“Yes we need them all over star valley. Yes certain times of the day. Small town not anymore maybe 10 years ago but not now.”

“ABSOLUTELY-Those that think we don’t need a stop light at 4th by the Maverik apparently have never tried to cross the main road at certain times of the day.”

“Yes! It is very needed. Either one by Maverick or by Burger King.”

“Yes we need a stop light at Maverik intersection in Afton.”

“Absolutely there needs to be a stoplight to break the traffic up….ridiculous when you have to wait 10 minutes to pull out of the Broulims parking lot! Make it operational from June 1-September 1… part of being a tourist area and others areas do the same!”

Anti Stoplight

“I see more serious issues at Kodiak. Maybe a yellow flashing light. Definitely no red lights Let’s keep it a one horse town and avoid becoming a one stoplight town.”

“No stop lights in Afton.”

“No we don’t need it. #keepsmalltownssmall”

“Absolutely no stop lights. WyDOT has done numerous traffic studies over the years in SV. Those studies all say the same thing. Star Valley Drivers (county 12 Wyoming plates) drive too aggressively and with excessive speed. In short, we mock Utah drivers but drive worse than they do. Traffic lights don’t fix stupid.”

“No to stoplights in Afton. I would like to see 4 way stops or round about on 89.”

“No stop lights needed here however the DMV in Utah needs to be fired and people from Utah need to stay home as they don’t know how to drive!”

“A traffic signal at the Star Valley Ranch intersection on US 89? How would are out-of-state visitors slow from Monk one for that signal?”

“The Wolf Den turnoff is a dangerous place, but I think a designated left turn lane would help a lot. I’m a no for lights.”

“No lights! That’s the beauty in living here!”


“Maverick needs a roundabout.”

“NO on roundabouts, worst idea ever!!”

“People need 2 slow down & b patient!!! I drive with my lights on. People continually dart out from anywhere; not just intersections. Defense driving is my mantra, each time I start my vehicle.”

Let us know what you think!