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TEXT-IN TOPIC RESPONSES: Should fireworks be restricted in Lincoln County

Should fireworks be restricted or allowed only on certain days of the year? That was the question posed to listeners of SVI Radio‘s Weekday Wakeup morning show on Tuesday.

The topic was suggested by a listener who said fireworks seem to be non-stop from the middle of June through Labor Day. “With every family gathering (reunion), the out-of-state relatives can’t wait to get to the fireworks stand and come dark, it’s a constant booming until around midnight,” texted the listener. “Our poor furry kids are terrified. Also, some of us working folks have to get up early for work and it’s real tough sometimes when you don’t get enough sleep the night before because of the noise!” The listener suggested asking if fireworks should be limited to a certain number of days during the summer in Lincoln County.

While some of the incorporated town’s in Lincoln County do have fire restrictions in place during certain times of the year, Lincoln County only enacts a fire ban during times of drought or extreme dry conditions, like was done recently in July of 2021. Some neighboring counties do have year-round bans on fireworks. Sublette County has had a complete ban on fireworks since 1988. Teton County also has a ban on residential use of fireworks.

During the Weekday Wake-up, which can be heard Monday through Friday on Swift 98.7 FM and The Spur (106.7/107.5 FM), Duke and Dahl asked listeners if they felt Lincoln County should enact some sort of permanent fireworks restriction. Below are their responses.

Oppose restrictions

“Forget more restrictions on fireworks. Have more restrictions on subdivisions.”

“Just a little common courtesy for your neighbors when doing them. For example the time of night when people are trying to sleep and then of course when its really dry for sure don’t light them.”

“Free for all in Lincoln County any time went to war to protect our freedom let’s keep it free.”

“Let us keep our freedom. No restrictions.”

“My dogs get scared and I don’t like the late night noise, but I’m definitely against more restrictions. Its America we need more freedom not less. Just need people to be responsible and respectful to others.”

“Three simple words Let. Freedom. Ring.”

“It’s America we have freedoms let those fireworks fly.”

“Fireworks is one of the sounds of summer! We don’t need more restrictions! Especially that are driven by catering to peoples pets. High wildfire risk is another story. But on a wet green year like this let the pyros have their fun!”

“I’m not in favor of fireworks except around the 4th but I’m not in favor of , is the( government)or politicians telling us what we can or can’t do in our own property.”

“Sounds to me like this person lives on star valley ranch and can go back to where ever they came from…… we love our country in Lincoln county and blowing stuff up 24-7 365 is a way of life! If you don’t love America go try communism Wyoming doesn’t want you!”

“Yes yes all summer fireworks and I get up at 130 am.”

“That’s why we live in Wyoming. If you don’t enjoy listening to other people enjoying their lives, it’s okay to move.’

“If you don’t like it, move back to where you came from!!!”


“Move back to California.”

Support restrictions

‘I am a as much a fan of fireworks as anyone but when I have to get up for work at 5:00am and my neighbors are shooting them of a week after the 4th still it not cool.”


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