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Valley locals stand out during Afton-Simplot Hillclimb

Improved King Luke Rainey, Mod King Andy Thomas, and Semi-Pro King Kaden Rainey. (PHOTO BY STAR VALLEY RIDGE RIDERS FACEBOOK)


The Afton-Simplot Hillclimb took place just outside Grover this past weekend as part of the circuit for riders of the Rocky Mountain States Hillclimb Association (RMSHA). 

As per usual, some of the top riders came from local and regional addresses. 

Luke Rainey of Thayne was named King of the Mountain for the Improved Premier category. Keith Curtis was the Stock Premier King and Andy Thomas of Etna was the Mod Premier King. All three rode Polaris sleds. 

The title of Queen of the Mountain went to Brook Long on her Ski-Doo. The Pro Senior King was Brad Sharp, also on a Ski-Doo. Kaden Rainey of Thayne was the Semi-Pro King on his Polaris. 

Here are some of the top finishes from local riders over the three-day event. 


Semi-Pro Stock
Kaden Rainey 1st (Thayne)
Braden Dickey 11th (Bedford)

Amateurs Stock
Tayson Stoker 8th (Afton)

Juniors (Age 14-18)
Wylie Mackey 2nd (Cokeville)

Semi-Pro Improved
Kaden Rainey 12th (Thayne)

Amateurs Improved
Tayson Stoker 7th (Afton)

Kaden and Luke Rainey (RLT PHOTOS)

Semi-Pro Modified
Kaden Rainey 1st (Thayne)
Emmett Mackey 12th (Cokeville)

Amateur Modified
Tayson Stoker 2nd (Afton)

Semi-Pro Open
Kaden Rainey 1st (Thayne)
Braden Dickey 3rd (Bedford)

Pro 600 Stock
Brandon Titensor (Afton)
Tanner Thomas 3rd (Afton)

600 Pro Improved
Brandon Titensor 1st (Afton)
Tanner Thomas 2nd (Afton)

Pro 700 Stock
Cole Thomas 1st (Afton)
Tanner Thomas 4th (Afton)
Brandon Titensor 11th (Afton)

Pro 700 Improved
Brandon Titensor 7th (Afton)
Nate Suter 9th (Thayne)

Pro 900 Stock
Andy Thomas 2nd (Etna)
Luke Rainey 4th (Thayne)
Jay Mentaberry 5th (Alpine)

Pro 900 Improved
Cole Thomas 2nd (Afton)
Luke Rainey 4th (Thayne)

Pro 900 Modified
Andy Thomas 1st (Etna)
Jay Mentaberry 6th (Alpine)
Cole Thomas 12th (Afton)

Pro Master Improved
Greg Dana 4th (Thayne)

Luke Rainey

Pro 1000 Stock
Luke Rainey 1st (Thayne)
Jay Mentaberry 3rd (Alpine)

Pro 1000 Improved
Luke Rainey 1st (Thayne)
Cole Thomas 4th (Afton)

Pro Master Modified
Greg Dana 2nd (Thayne)

Pro Open Stock
Luke Rainey 1st (Thayne)
Greg Dana 8th (Thayne)
Jay Mentaberry 10th (Alpine)
Andy Thomas 12th (Etna)

Pro Open Modified
Andy Thomas 3rd (Etna)
Cole Thomas 4th (Afton)
Jay Mentaberry 5th (Alpine)

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