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Text-In Topic Responses: Should Wyoming send troops to the border?

Following an announcement from South Dakota Governor Krisi Noem that she was dispatching members of her state’s National Guard to the U.S./Mexico border in Texas, Duke & Dahl asked listeners of SVI Radio’s Weekday Wake-Up Morning Show if they felt Gov. Mark Gordon should do the same with the Wyoming National Guard.

A number of states, including bordering states Idaho and Utah, have sent National Guard troops to the southern border to help Texas fight a massive influx of illegal immigrants crossing the border. On Jan. 25, Wyoming Gov. Mark Gordon was one of 25 Governors who signed a joint statement in “support of Texas Governor Abbott and Texas’ constitutional right to self defense.” However, as of Feb. 21, Wyoming has not sent any troops to the border.

When SVI Radio listeners were asked if they would support sending members of the Wyoming National Guard to the border in Texas. Below are their responses.

Do No Support Sending Troops

“My concern would be if they’re going to be fed , & a place to sleep. . I remember when the national guard was sent. To Washington without food or shelter.”

“No way, it has all just become a big political battle.”

“No to sending troops to southern border.”

Support Sending Troops

“Send Wyoming guard. We need to protect our borders. Texas’ problem becomes our problem if we do not protect the borders together.”

“Yes please send them and God bless them! This human made catastrophe needs to be changed.”

“Send them and have them put the border crossers on buses and take them right back over the border!!!”

“We have a federal administration that is corrupt and has totally fallen at the post. They have created an emergency scenario, and in my opinion, it would be a good idea to rally the troops, including the Wyoming National Guard, and help secure our national border.”

“Yes we should. We need to show our support for Texas and the defense of our southern border.”

“Yes. All you have to do is look at the lower valley to see the open border has affected Wyoming.”

“The priority of our Wyoming national guard should be to Wyoming. However, if we have troops that are not being utilized for anything, then it is also the duty of the National Guard to support national efforts and crisis. If we don’t have an urgent need for them, I’d support sending them.”

“Yes, we need a secure border It’s unfair to those who come here legally and it’s against the law to invade our country. An unsecured border creates problems for our entire country.”

“Yes. It’s our border we need to secure it.”

“Yes because it is a problem. The problem is here in Wyoming.”

“Send them and light up any cartel people that cross that border.”

“I say yes and to those who are saying no I think as soon as someone they love dies of fentanyl poisoning they will be singing a different tune.”

“Yes we should send them.”

“National Guard= Guard our Nation!!”

“We send the troops to help with natural disaster recovery in other states. The border is a crisis that’s letting in fentanyl and people on the terrorist watch list. Just because it’s a man caused disaster doesn’t mean we shouldn’t send our support. Eventually the drugs and terrorist will make their way here. Send them!”

“Yes absolutely. We have to stop the massive influx of illegals and crime that is being let in without check.”

“Yes, I support sending our national guard to defend our border from invaders.”


“Yes we should send troops!! Soon we will see immigrants here and crime will rise!”


“Our country is in crisis when it comes to the southern border and anything we can do to help. I say we should support them.”

“Yes yes yes.”


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