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TEXT-IN TOPIC RESPONSES: Yes or No on Gun Free Zones in Wyoming

Do you support the State of Wyoming getting rid of all gun free zones across the state? That was the question posed on Wednesday to listeners of the Weekday Wake-Up (heard Mon-Fri from 7-9 a.m. on Swift 98.7 fm and The Spur 106.7/107.5 fm). Listeners were asked if they were governor of Wyoming, would they sign HB0125, known as “Repeal gun free zones and preemption amendments.”

The bill allows for the open and concealed carry of firearms at “Any meeting of a governmental entity” along with “Any public elementary or secondary school facility” and “Any public college or university facility.” The bill also prohibits property owners in the state from restricting firearms on their property and prohibits a governmental entity from prohibiting the “open carry, display or wearing of a firearm into a meeting of that governmental entity.”

In short, the bill does away with all gun free zones in the state, both open and concealed carry.

As of Wednesday morning, Governor Mark Gordon had not acted on the bill. Listeners of the morning radio show were asked if they would support the Governor signing the bill into law. Below are their responses.

Yes, Sign It

“Yes self defense.”

“Sign it Gordon!! No mass shootings here because we can carry.”

“Yes, I believe they should. As long as they do have a concealed weapon license because then we know they’ve had background checks done which doesn’t always mean they’re good people, but it helps.”

“Yes I would sign it we have a lot of Veterans in SV I have open carried or conceal carry for many years.”


“Sign it.”

“Sign it!! Let’s don’t be easy targets in our government buildings!”

“Yes sign it. It’s our right to defend ourselves.”

“Great idea, as long as it doesn’t apply to privately owned property. Let people decide what they want on their place.”

“Constitution says right to keep & bear arms. Let’s get back to the basics/good ole days; responsible cowboys & cowgirls protecting our friends , neighbors, & ourselves in Wyoming. Wyoming will send a message to those entering our territory.”

“Good people defending is definitely what we need. Sign it!”

“Gun free zones will not prevent criminals from entering & killing people, armed people will!”

“Sign it don’t need easy targets.”


“Yes, sign it. This is well overdue.”

“Absolutely sign it.”

“Yes, we have the right protect ourselves if needed, and the crazies are packing guns law or no law.”

“You don’t see massive shootings at police stations because criminals know they aren’t the only ones with guns. Bottom line is criminals don’t care about a sign that says “gun free zone”, that has never stopped a would be murderer from following through with his plans. Other people with guns often stop massive shootings though. Gordon needs to stop being a rino and sign it already.”


“Yes but the fed will likely try to oppose.”

“Best idea ever!!”

“Yes, sign it and, hello, for anyone opposed should move out of Wyoming. We still value our independence.”

No, Do Not Sign It

“Worst idea ever.”

“If the bill doesn’t stipulate that all firearm carriers take a safety course then I wouldn’t sign it. I realize people want to protect themselves but they need to do it safely. There are repercussions even in self defense that you will be accountable for in law if you shot someone. You need to be aware of the law.”

“I am not sure about this law when it comes to public schools. How would one determine who carrying a gun meant harm or not. What good would the security existing now, do to protect students if anyone could carry a weapon into the school?”


“Does it apply to federal buildings, such as post offices?”

“The Constitution states that any law not specifically given to the federal government is retained by the states. State law should prevail.”


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