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Morgan Blevins

Important Tips for Helping Your Kids Live Healthier

Don’t let your children adopt habits that will threaten their well-being. Learn several important tips for helping your kids live healthier and longer.

The Biggest Manufacturing Challenges for OEMs

OEM manufacturers are responsible for supplying parts to industries of all sorts. Here are the biggest challenges they face and how to resolve them.

What Equipment Should a Machine Shop Stock Up On?

Every industrial workshop needs the right tools to get job tasks done. Find out what a typical machine shop needs to stock up on for their job tasks.

Essential Tools and Equipment for Meteorologists

Meteorology is a fascinating science that allows us to understand and predict weather patterns. Learn more about the essential equipment meteorologists use.

Practical Tips for Managing Chronic Pain

Learn how to manage chronic pain with tips on staying active, eating healthy, and crafting a treatment plan. These tips enhance comfort and overall well-being.

Common Problems Encountered During Drilling

Workers on mining sites encounter a myriad of equipment challenges. Here are six everyday things that drilling operators encounter while working.

How To Improve an Experiment in Chemistry Practices

Learn effective strategies to enhance the accuracy, reliability, and safety of your chemistry experiments with practical tips and key guidance.

The Oil and Gas Industry: a Quick Guide to Squeeze Cementing

If a wellbore has cracks, squeeze cementing might be a good solution. Use this quick guide to squeeze cementing to get a handle on the basics.

What Injuries Are Tourniquets Best Used For?

Tourniquets can save peoples’ lives, but what types of injuries should you use them for? In this post, we’ll cover those in great detail for you.

5 Important Pieces of Equipment in the Mining Sector

Mining workers need rugged equipment that can help them complete tough jobs. Read about five important pieces of equipment in the mining sector.