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Body found at snowy site near South Pass; recovery took hours

RIVERTON (WNE) – The body of a woman found dead near South Pass on Tuesday was recovered from a snowy area for investigation about 24 hours later.

The Fremont County Sheriff’s Office call log notes that discovery of the woman was reported by the Wyoming Department of Transportation.

Hutchison confirmed that a snowplow driver had notified authorities after observing the vehicle on Tuesday.

“A woman from out of state was found deceased approximately four miles from her vehicle,” states the midday entry in the Sheriff’s log, “and had apparently walked away from her vehicle, away from the highway.”

The car was a black Nissan with an Illinois plate. It was found 1,000 yards off the highway, in the snow, near milepost 35 of Highway 28.

There were tracks in the snow heading away from the car.

“No evidence of any other persons was found in the area,” noted FSO, adding that both the sheriff and coroner are investigating.

Fremont County undersheriff Mike Hutchison affirmed that the woman appeared to have been alone.

When asked if investigators had ruled out an animal attack, Hutchison said “we haven’t ruled anything out yet.”

The body was located – but not recovered – by a helicopter Tuesday afternoon.

Search and Rescue crews attempted to get to the site by vehicle, but the day grew dark.

“So we had to turn around and come back out,” said the undersheriff, stating that’s why personnel were dispatched again Wednesday morning.