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Bridger Valley Chamber of Commerce to begin monthly luncheon again; announce other activities for the month

Charlotte Black, Director of the Bridger Valley Chamber of Commerce, announced the group will begin the monthly luncheons again Wednesday and also other activities for October.

The lunches were forced to take a hiatus in March due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“They got pretty big there before we had to shut them down,” Black said. “We just decided to move them to the Lyman Town Hall to the upper part of that building.”

She says they are moving it there to allow more space to social distance. It will feature Karla Behunin from the Valley Learning Center and cover information the Chamber of Commerce needs to know about the upcoming election.

“They’re looking to get some grant money renewed,” Black said. “They’re having a hard time and wanting to make sure the people know about it.”

She also says anyone in the public is welcome to come, but only members of the Chamber will be allowed to present.

Halloween Parade on October 31st

Black says that last year the group teamed up with Union Wireless to do a Trunk-or-Treat and it was a huge success. Due to health restrictions they decided instead of repeating that they would put on a Halloween parade on October 31st with it starting at 4 PM in Mountain View.

She says businesses and individuals can enter floats to be a part of the festivities. You can soon register your float on an online portal through Union Wireless.

“It’s been fun to try and work with these times,” Black said. “People just become so creative and I’m just super excited about this.”

She says the parade route will be the usual route these festivities take. You can see the map here.