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Bug Creek burn planned on Greys River Ranger District

Afton Wyo., March 31, 2021— The Greys River Ranger District of the Bridger-Teton National Forest plans to begin ignition operations on the Bug Creek Burn as soon as April 5, 2021. The prescribed burn area is approximately thirty miles southeast of Alpine near the junction of the Grey’s River and Sheep Creek. The 418-acre unit is comprised of grass, sage, conifer, and aspen stands.

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The Bug Creek Prescribed Burn is designed to restore native grasses, willow, and aspen stands on the south facing slopes at the mouth of Bug Creek by removing overgrown and encroaching conifer stands along with dead and down material. This treatment will improve the quality of transition range and calving habitat for elk and mule deer by restoring grasses and shrubs to areas now dominated by sage and conifer. Additionally, this project will also improve and increase forage for livestock and reduce fuel loading helping to minimize the impacts of any future wildfires in the area. It is anticipated that 40-60% of the project area will be burned to achieve these goals.

Due to the specific criteria like, fuel moisture, expected weather, and snowmelt the expected window to begin ignitions is anytime from April 5th through early May. Ignition operations are expected to take place over one to two days as conditions permit. Due to the remote location of the burn and the short duration of firing operations it is not anticipated that there will be any smoke impacts to local communities. Visitors to the area are encouraged to use caution and avoid areas where burn operations are taking place.


Follow the Bridger-Teton National Forest on Facebook for updates prior to and during the burn. For further information please contact the Greys River Ranger District at (307) 886-5300 or visit