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Building a foundation of success for kindergarten students in LCSD2

Heidi Stoor Family

◆ Heidi Stoor is a kindergarten teacher in Cokeville.

Heidi Stoor has been teaching Kindergarten at Cokeville Elementary School for ten years. She came to LCSD2 as a Special Education Aide at Afton Elementary, and then served as a 1st grade teacher there before moving to Cokeville.

“I was raised in a small valley named Nounan just outside of Georgetown, Idaho.” Said Heidi. “I have two sisters and one brother. Sid and I have four children. We keep the road busy following them in lacrosse, rodeo, dance competitions and wrestling. As a family, we love spending time at our ranch riding motorbikes and just being outside.”

Heidi chose a profession in education because she has always enjoyed being around children.

“My poor little sister was five years younger that me and had to sit through hours of play school. I also wanted to do something that made me feel like I was making a difference. Teaching Kindergarten, I have the privilege of seeing their eyes light up. Everything is new and they learn so much. I know a great foundation is important for future success. I feel in Kindergarten, I am able to give them that strong foundation and also promote a love of learning.”

Heidi would like to complete a master’s degree at some point and is currently working to renew her National Board Certification.