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Campbell County commissioners look to a new college district

◆ Application submitted to Wyoming Community College Commission.

Provided by the Wyoming Community College Commission

On September 1, the Wyoming Community College Commission (WCCC) received a formal and complete application from the Campbell County Board of Commissioners to create a new Community College District.

The Campbell County application requests the new district encompass all of Campbell County as the taxing district and be called the Gillette Community College District.

According to Wyoming Statute, the application must first be approved by the WCCC, followed by the State Legislature, and finally by a majority of Campbell County voters. For the initial approval phase, the WCCC has 90 days to complete a thorough review of the application and formally approve or deny the proposal.

The review process requires the WCCC consider the complete application, gather comprehensive economic, demographic, and enrollment data, hold a minimum of two public hearings, and carry out an extensive formal survey completed by a third party. Upon completion of these mandated tasks, the WCCC will hold a formal meeting on or around November 20, 2020, but at least 7 days prior to the end of 90 days, to review all documentation associated with the application and resulting studies to issue a final vote and decision.

Public hearing dates have yet to be identified, but will be advertised at least 14 days prior on the Commission website and through newspapers of record. As per Commission rules, one hearing will be scheduled in Campbell County and one in an additional county.