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CEO of South Lincoln Medical Center asking public to fill out community trust survey

CEO of South Lincoln Medical Center, Karl Sundberg, is asking the public to fill out a community trust survey in hopes of learning how it can serve the area better.

He says it needs to build that relationship with people.

“That word trust is important to us,” Sundberg said.

He says since the area has seen a lot of growth and change in the last few years and with that it can create disruption.

“It is understandable to some degree,” Sundberg said. “At the same time our concern is that we are not impacting our relationship of trust with the community.”

He says the medical center is aware of things that need to be “shored up” like cleaning up some processes in like billing and such. However, it does not want to miss anything that may be important to the public.

The survey is four quick questions and you can access it here or go to South Lincoln Medical Center’s website. He says there will be some mailers sent out for the survey to some current clients, but it really wanted to open it up to the broader community it serves. Sundberg says there is a marketing campaign on its Facebook page as well.

He says there are two things the medical center hopes to learn after the survey. First is to really understand where the improvement areas are needed.

“Most of all it will empower us to invest and give clarity to our staff,” Sundberg said. “Where are the areas we need to focus on or we all need to focus on?”

He says it hopes to earn some trust with the things they’ll learn and try to implement in the next year or so. The survey expires March 26th online.