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Crew Working to Repair Lines and Restore Water in Kemmerer/Diamondville

UPDATE: (9:22 AM Friday)  JPB says water was flowing over night. However once the line pressurized both of the holes have filled back up with water. Water is still flowing and will until the source of the water is found.

UPDATE: (6:51 PM) The leaks have been repaired and the Joint Powers Board is currently but very slowly pressurizing the lines. It may take a couple hours or more for everyone to get complete service back due to the size of the service line but they don’t want to rush it and cause another possible leak. The lines are ductile iron 16 inch 30-year-old and very brittle.

ORIGINAL: Crews with the Kemmerer-Diamondville Water & Wastewater Joint Powers Board or working to restore water to portions of both Kemmerer and Diamondville.

Crews with the K-D Water & Wastewater Joint Powers Board in a 5  foot frozen hole.  Photo Credit: Brent McClarnon

Brent McClarnon, Operations Manager of the board, told SVI Radio that two ruptures were found in the system’s 16-inch water line Wednesday morning.  Crews have been working since then, including through most of the night, in order to find the leaks and repair the line.

The parts to fix the line had to be special ordered.

McClarnon said the areas of Nations Ave., Rolling Hills, Del Rio, 9th West between Antelope and Holland as well as portions of Diamondville are without water.

As of 3:00 PM Thursday, the crews had reached the 16 inch water main on Nations Avenue and found a hold the size of a football in the main.  Even though the leak was expected to be repaired, the line won’t be able to be pressurized until the leak on 9th West is also repaired.

McClarnon said that crews needed to dig approximately 14 feet to reach the main line on 9th West.  (The 14 foot hole is not pictured on here.  The picture is of a 5 foot hole.)  The hope is that the line will be repaired and pressurized Thursday evening.

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Backhoes had to use jackhammers to dig through the frozen mud in order to reach the water line. Photo Credit: Brent McClarnon