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Crews to begin igniting burn piles

Crews in both the Greys River and Kemmerer Ranger Districts will be igniting debris.

With colder temperatures and wetter conditions, earlier than usual, fire crews will begin igniting debris piles created from fuels reduction projects, commercial timber sales (slash piles), road maintenance and fencing projects in the Greys River and Kemmerer Ranger Districts.

The pile locations on the Greys River Ranger District may include Swift Creek Campground, Grover Park, Star Valley Ranch, Murphy Campground, Moose Flat Campground, Deer Creek Guard Station, Meadows Guard Station (fuels reduction projects) and Big Park (timber slash piles) and Smiths Fork area (road maintenance) on the Kemmerer Ranger District. Moose Flat Campground, On the Kemmerer Ranger District pile locations may include East Fork of the Hams Fork, Hams Fork Ridge, Basin Creek, and Kelley Guard Station.

Pile burns require more moisture, snow, in the surrounding vegetation and has fire behavior typically be slower moving and with shorter flames. Please be aware that smoke may be visible in the vicinity of the burn especially in the low laying areas.