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Does FDA approval matter to you?

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◆ SVI Radio listeners weigh in on COVID vaccine.

Listeners to SVI Radio’s Weekday Wakeup morning show, heard Monday through Friday from 7-9 a.m. on Swift 98 and The Spur, voice their opinions on the COVID-19 vaccines. The question was asked for those that have not been vaccinated if the recent full FDA approval given for the Pfizer vaccine for those 16 and older made you more willing to get the vaccine? And for those that have been vaccinated, if they plan to get the booster shot when it becomes available. Below are their responses.

• Vaccinated and plan on booster

“Polio and smallpox are no longer health issues because of vaccines. Yes, there are some who suffer seriously negative effects from vaccines but, overall, they have been a blessing to the vast majority of the world’s population. I had COVID in December and I was the most sick I had been in a long time. I don’t want it again. I got the Pfizer vaccine and will probably get the booster. But I agree with the idea of letting the other nations of the world get their needed doses first.”

“I’m fully vaccinated and will be getting the booster.”

“Absolutely got vaccinated and will get the booster. Currently 95% of people hospitalized because of covid are unvaccinated. People are dying who are young and healthy. Yes there is a chance you can get covid after being vaccinated but currently it appears you are much less likely to die from it. This should not be a political issue- just a health issue!”

“I am vaccinated. And I will get the booster.”

“I’m vaccinated and yes I will be getting the booster.”

• Vaccinated but not planning on booster

“I have got the Moderna shots and am watching the results of the booster one before I decide to get it.”

“Got covid in February and got the first dose of the Fauchi Ouchie earlier this month. Still debating on whether this is all hype or not but covid dang near killed me.”

“One bit of information, without the rest, is misleading. We may, by percentage, be the lowest vaccinated population. But, what is the sickness rate and how sick are they, paints a more clear picture. I respect a person’s reason for not getting vaccinated or for getting the vaccine. I’m vaccinated. I’m waiting to see on the booster.”

“Absolutely I will get the booster.”

Not vaccinated but will with full FDA approval

“I’m not vaccinated, but I have my appointment to get it. I called the day it was FDA approved. Honestly I wasn’t going to get one, but my religious leaders recently suggested that church members get it.”

• Not vaccinated with no plans to be

“It’s a hard sell that the government cares more about my health or my family’s health than I do. That being said, I have not seen, read or heard anything that states the vaccine is super effective after about 100 days. Antibodies from having the vaccine or from having covid last about the same. Given that, my plan has always been to get vaccinated in October so that I have maximum immunity for November, December and January. No to the booster shot. And the FDA is a joke, so their approval means zero to me. I’ll get the vaccine if and when I feel it is what is best for me and my family.”

“No, I won’t get the fauci ouchie even with FDA approval.”

“Nope..doesn’t change my mind. Maybe in a few years when we see what the side effects are.”


“I will not get the Jab! The good Lord will take me when he is good and ready, Jab or no Jab!”

• Other

“Heck ya. This government cares so deeply for its citizens. There’s the brilliant goings on at the mexico border and the genius of the military withdrawal in Afghanistan. What’s not to trust??”

“It’s absolutely silly that people are not getting vaccinated. The whole argument of being a “lab rat” is rubbish. We’ve all had shots to attend public school many times!”

“I am proud that we are last because we are letting our bodies do the work and if you have got covid then you don’t need to get the shots.”

“Someone needs to explain the vaccine to me if you can still get it covid still spread it and still have to wear a mask, what’s the point?”


Let us know what you think!


  1. have a “vaccine” that does not make you immune to the can still give and get the virus after getting it.they are pushing the narrative that the only people who are getting sick are the unvaccinated.not true.many who are getting it are fully vaccinated,and they are getting sick and dying same as unvaccinated.the cdc has added to their protocol that any covid death of a vaccinated person not be reported as such.and there are treatments out there that are inexpensive and they why all the secrecy?why are they requiring medical establishments to withhold these treatments?the government is killing people with their protocols.and why are they insisting that everyone,not just most of us,but everyone,get the jab?something very evil is going on here.

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