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Fishing Essentials Every Beginner Needs

Fishing Essentials Every Beginner Needs

Going fishing? It’s about time. Without a doubt, there’s a reason why fishing is a beloved activity all around the world. The wonders of fishing are as clear as the water before throwing in the reel. The number of new anglers increases each year as the recreational activity grows in popularity. Each of these new anglers needs to stock up on the essentials in order to get the most of their fishing experience. Here is a checklist of the fishing essentials every beginner needs to get started.

Fishing License

You can’t head out on the waters without this piece of paper. A license is fundamental to fishing legally unless you’re under the age of 16. Each state will require its own state-issued license, and each varies some in cost. Check out the price of an annual fishing license in your state and purchase one first and foremost.

A secure and safe way to purchase a fishing license is through a state’s fish and wildlife government website. If you’ll be fishing out-of-state on vacation, you can purchase a temporary license to fish in their waters as a non-resident as well. Be sure to check out local fishing laws for any area you’ll fish in.

Fishing Rod, Reel, and Line

Certainly out of all the fishing essentials every beginner needs, a rod, reel, and line are the basic gear to have. Your preference of a rod will depend on its use—if the rod is to be used to fish for freshwater fish or saltwater fish. Unless you live by an ocean and plan to go deep-sea fishing with a stouter rod, a conventional angling rod is the way to go.

A medium action and weight spinner casting rod with a matched reel will be efficient and appropriate to catch the most common freshwater game fish within lakes, rivers, or ponds. With this rod and reel, you’ll also need a lightweight monofilament fishing line to best reel the fish in.

Accessories: Lures, Hooks, and Bait

Accessories will depend upon the angler’s choice, but a few hooks and lures are necessary in order to learn the ropes. Think sinkers, bobbers, spinners, or jigs. With such a variety of lures out there, narrowing down the options is impossible. Tackle truly depends on the type of fishing an angler hopes to enjoy. You can begin with a simple j-hook and a good ole can of earthworms. Research into specific species you aim to catch for the best available bait choices.

Other essential accessories include your own fishing clothing gear. Dependent on climate and location, fishing is an outdoor activity that can adjust well with the seasons. Take a gander at this winter fishing guide in order to fish enjoyably and safely during the colder months. Fishing in the winter can be just as satisfying as the warmer months with the essential gear on hand.