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G&F Director Nesvik looks to a promising hunting season

◆ G&F Director calls hunting ‘the ultimate social distancing activity.’

With the start of September comes the start of the fall hunting seasons in some parts of the state.
Early archery hunts started with the new month.

“Today marks the start of hunting season in my mind and most people in the state,” Wyoming Game and Fish Director Brian Nesvik said in an interview on the SVI Media Weekday Wake Up program Tuesday, Sept. 1, 2020.

“We’ve had reports from the western side of the state that elk have already started bugling,” he said. “A lot of folks like this first week and it’s chance for blue grouse [hunting] too.”

Director Nesvik said the 2020 hunting season is looking good with the start of fall season.

“It’s looking to be a promising year,” he said. “Reports our good from our field biologists and wardens. I’m real optimistic it’s going to be a great season.”

The director added a note of caution and safety for the fall hunters.

“We ask people to be careful with all the things that are dangerous when you hunt and that includes firearms, ATVs and being safe in bear country,” he advised.

“That’s important in your part of the world,” he added, referencing the western Wyoming high country and expanding grizzly bear habitat.

“The perfect recipe is to be hiding in camouflage, in the trees and blowing on a cow elk call during archery season,” he said. “We have had archers experience bear encounters and its best for folks to have something to defend themselves with, either bear spray or a fire arm or both.”

Hunting continues despite the COVID-19 pandemic. “We haven’t changed anything at our level,” he said. “We’re still issuing licenses through the draw.”

He added, “We’re not telling non-residents not to come, but we are asking them to follow local health orders.”

Nesvik emphasized, “Hunting is still the ultimate social distancing activity. It’s outside and you are typically not around a lot of people!”

He continued, “We are hopeful that we can have a fairly close to normal hunting season.”

Director Nesvik acknowledged the quality of life in Wyoming.

“Wish everyone a safe and happy hunting season,” he concluded. “Its a great time to celebrate what we have in Wyoming. Its a great place!”