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Green River woman found guilty of abusing father

ROCK SPRINGS (WNE) — Thera Leanne Siler, 41, of Green River has been convicted of a felony charge of abuse of a vulnerable adult for an incident involving her father.

A jury returned with a guilty verdict during a trial in Sweetwater County District Court on Monday and Tuesday. Siler was not convicted on a misdemeanor charge of domestic battery. She remains in custody at the Sweetwater Detention Center awaiting sentencing.

The Green River Police Department responded to a report of domestic violence on Sept. 14, 2019, at the home where Clyde Siler lived with his daughter Thera Siler.

Marlene Siler reported that her sister Thera Siler had choked Clyde Siler during a physical altercation. Clyde Siler told police that Thera Siler restrained him in his chair by holding the sleeve of his shirt and also placed her forearm against his throat, causing him to black out. He said that although he wasn’t exactly sure what Thera Siler was angry about, she had been upset that he had not purchased a rifle for her for completing a hunter safety course.

Court documents state that Clyde Siler, who would turn 79 on his next birthday, has physical difficulties including not being able to navigate the stairs in his home without assistance.

Responding GRPD officer Brad Halter reported that there was a history between Clyde and Thera Siler including several calls involving disturbances and domestic violence. Prior to the incident on Sept. 14, however, Clyde Siler had not been willing to discuss events or file a complaint. That incident was the first time Halter recalled that Clyde Siler was willing to make a statement regarding his fear of Thera Siler, according to court documents.