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How Winter Coats Keep Us Warm

How Winter Coats Keep Us Warm

The winter months are fast approaching. Without adequate protection, you will shiver your way through the coldest part of the year. The right jacket can go a long way toward protecting your core and regulating body temperature. But how do jackets do it? This is how winter coats keep us warm.

Quality Insulation

Insulation is essential in everything from home construction and heat-based manufacturing to winter weather survival. Coats keep us warm by insulating our body from the world. Designers craft every coat with a type of insulation that keeps your upper half warm amid even the most frigid temperatures. Insulation comes in all kinds of thicknesses and materials. For example, you may have a puffy coat with down feathers that use natural-occurring materials as insulation. Or, you may have a thinner coat that does not use feathers but rather synthetic insulation. Quality insulation works to hold in your body heat, which allows you to build up warmth even when it is bitingly cold outside.

Wind Resistance

Depending on where you live, half the battle with cold weather is with the wind. The temperatures may be chilly, but the wind blows the cold right through you. That is why winter coats have special materials in their outermost layers to shield your core from high winds. Wind resistance is critical when you do outdoor activities such as snowmobiling or fishing. When snowmobiling, you move through the air as fast as the wind, so you will need protection from the increased exposure. Conversely, when you are fishing or ice fishing, you are completely still. If the pond or lake is wide open, you can expect a large amount of wind to blow past you. Find a quality outer shell that will allow the insulation to do its job and keep your warmth inside.

Water Proofing

The wind is not the only element you consistently encounter in winter. You also experience a large amount of precipitation and condensation. Snow, ice, sleet, and freezing rain are all present as various forms of winter water. You will undoubtedly be caught outside when the snow is falling. However, you do not want a coat that will quickly become soaked and freeze you to the bone. Waterproof winter coats will keep your core dry, thereby allowing your heat to continue building.

Knowing how winter coats keep us warm can help you stay toasty on even the coldest nights. Use these and other tips for choosing winter coats to make it through the upcoming winter. No matter which state you live in, a quality winter coat will serve you well when you need it most.