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Idaho Fish and Game have been stocking up, preparing for memorable Memorial Day weekend

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Memorial Day Fishing Guide

Fish and Game crews have been stocking fish around the state, and more will be added before the holiday weekend.

Due to COVID-19, Memorial Day will be memorable in ways people hadn’t anticipated, but fishing will remain a favorite activity during the holiday weekend. Fish and Game crews have been stocking trout and other fish, and anglers will have ample opportunity to catch them.

Because facilities—such as campgrounds and boat launches—will be limited, we encourage you to do homework before you go. Read more for a great overview of stocking reports, regional highlights, information and links to what facilities may be open or closed, safety guidelines, and how to read the Fishing Seasons & Rulesbrochures.

And, have fun fishing!

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If you still need to renew your fishing license, now is the time! Fish and Game officials are encouraging people to buy licenses, tags and permits online. People can also buy licenses and tags by phone with a credit or debit card by calling (800) 554-8685. And, did you know that you can purchase and download a ready-to-use fishing license on your smartphone?

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Go Fish Idaho!

Go Fish Idaho!

For anglers, Idaho is truly a land of opportunity and variety. From fish identification, gear, and fishing tips to biology and management of key sportfish, this guide will help you plan your next fishing trip. Maps and information charts will help you find waters to match your fishing preferences

Go Fish Idaho!

Hailey and Grandma

Catch Memories

Fishing as a family can be easy and fun! Here are some close-to-home fishing locations that are regularly stocked. These waters provide easy access and are great place to introduce a new angler to fishing.

Family Fishing Waters

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