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Jackson and Blackrock Ranger Districts Planning Prescribed Burns

The Jackson and Blackrock Ranger Districts will be moving forward with prescribed burn operations on the Taylor Mountain and Dry Quad units. The exact timing of these plans will depend heavily upon the previous, current and expected weather and air quality conditions. Fire Managers have been watching the weather closely and could start implementation of Taylor Mountain as early as Wednesday October 21, 2020.

Dry Quad Prescribed Burn, an approximately 100-acre unit, is adjacent to FS road 30310 or the “Toppings Lake Road.”  This is the final phase of an aspen enhancement project in the area. Last year small and medium conifers were felled and allowed to cure over the winter and summer, creating a fuel bed that when burned will promote new growth of the aspen stands. Additional goals for this prescribed burn are to protect white bark pine and old growth douglas-fir species while reducing the spread of noxious weeds in the burn area. Smoke may be visible from highway 89 and around the community of Moran. Spur road FS 30312 will be closed during operations along with any non-system trails through the unit.

The Taylor Mountain Prescribed Burn is located in the vicinity of Hidden Hills and Highland Hills subdivisions south of Wilson. This burn could total up to 20 acres being accomplished approximately one to two acres per day. This will be a continuation of the efforts from last year, where crews will be reducing ground fuel loading and ladder fuels through a combination of tactics. Each day the ignited area will be extinguished reducing long term adverse effects to soil as well as minimizing smoke impacts to the adjacent public. This is part of the larger Teton to Snake Fuels Reduction Project, with the overall goal of reducing the potential for crown fires within one-quarter mile from private property along with reducing the fire spread potential to and from the national forest system, state and private lands. Smoke could be visible south of Jackson but will be minimal due to the small natural of daily burned areas.