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Jackson Hole Airport runway to be reconstructed in the Spring of 2022

The Jackson Hole Airport Board announced that the upcoming runway reconstruction project will take place in the spring of 2022. The decision came at a special meeting on November fourth and will require the runway to be closed from April through June of 2022 as the airport will be closed to both airline and general aviation activities.

Most of the funding for the project which is budgeted at $44 million, will come from grants by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the State of Wyoming Division of Aeronautics..

The press-release from the Airport Board stressed that no property tax monies are being used to support this project.

Two additional terminal improvement projects will also get the go-ahead from the Board once initial design work has been completed.

According to information from the Airport Board, “the Security Screening Checkpoint will be remodeled to provide additional screening area, improved passenger flow and to accommodate the next generation of security screening equipment.”

A restaurant area will also be updated to accommodate more seating and expanding kitchen facilities.

“We have been anticipating a runway project for a number of years and it is due for a full reconstruction,” said Jerry Blann, President of the Jackson Hole Airport Board. “The runway is a critical part of the transportation infrastructure and it is important that it be maintained to the highest standards. While the runway is being reconstructed it has created a potential opportunity to complete two important terminal projects while the runway is closed.”