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Jackson Hole Board asks potential visitors to reschedule

The following in a release from the Jackson Hole Travel and Tourism Board

The Teton Range, located adjacent to Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

The Jackson Hole Travel and Tourism Board requests that all potential visitors prioritize their own health along with the well-being of Jackson Hole and the surrounding communities by staying home at this time. Our finite local resources and the limited capacity of our local health care system are not adequate to support tourism due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Teton County health officer has issued an emergency order closing many local businesses, including hotels, restaurants, bars, fitness centers and museums. The three regional ski resorts — Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, Snow King Mountain Resort and Grand Targhee Ski Resort — have all closed for the remainder of the 2019/’20 winter season. Both Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone National Park are closed to all park visitors until further notice. There will be no visitor access permitted in either park.

We encourage visitors to pause or reschedule their travel plans rather than cancel their trips altogether. Much of the community’s livelihood depends on tourism, and although we are disappointed to temporarily close our doors to would-be travelers, the health and well-being of everyone is our greatest priority.

We look forward to welcoming our destination visitors once travel is recommended and when we are again able to provide the resources, amenities and services required for everyone to fully enjoy our beautiful region.