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Kemmerer City Administrator: Rocky Mountain Power factoring in carbon capture/utilization into its IRP

Kemmerer City Administrator Brian Muir says Rocky Mountain Power is factoring in carbon capture and utilization and storage into its Integrated Resource Plan.

He says they’re studying it along with how to make use of the 45Q carbon tax credits which means there is some consideration of keeping some power plants open. Not just in Kemmerer, but through out Wyoming.

“I think it’s some hope for the coal-fired power industry,” Muir said.

He says there is also a chance Naughton Units 1 and 2 could stay opened until 2028 now. He says the power company will need to factor in the cost of some new ash ponds.

“Just a matter of costs and if it makes sense,” Muir said. “So, we’re just going to be cautiously optimistic as always.”

He says there are lots of possibilities for it. If approved, it would add three years onto the potential retirement dates for Units 1 and 2. It is scheduled to be phased out right now by 2025.