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Kemmerer City still working to get JC Penney statue to mother store

Last month Kemmerer City Administrator Brian Muir said JCPenney had a buyer and will donate a statue but the city is still working to raise funds to transport the statue of the founder.

Muir says it received a “generous” donation to have enough to dismantle the statue from its former corporate headquarters location. Now it is looking for money to move it to Kemmerer.

“We’ve talked to both the Rotary and the Lions Club about getting some help,” Muir said. “We just need to find the most affordable and safest way to get it here.”

He said the city is hoping to get it into the Triangle. It also needs to get enough money to coat the statue since it is made of bronze.

“We’re working on (getting it here),” Muir said. “It’s one of our highest priorities.”

He says there are also a couple of ideas to put it across from the mother store so people can get photo ops in front with it. Another idea being discussed is putting it at the JCPenney home.

“We’re weighing the pros and cons of those ideas,” Muir said. “And we’ll get some feedback from the community and from the council once we get it here.”

He says the city hopes to have it here within the next few weeks.