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Kemmerer Foundation Fund awards over $100,000 in local grants

The following is a press release from the Wyoming Community Foundation

LARAMIE- Nonprofits meet critical needs and add vibrancy to Wyoming’s communities. They also depend on
donations and grants to fulfill their missions. The Wyoming Community Foundation (WYCF) is one
organization working to support Wyoming nonprofits through grantmaking.

In Lincoln county, the Kemmerer Foundation Fund at WYCF is supporting nonprofit work in the areas of arts
and culture, civic projects, education, recreation, and health and human services. Distributions from this fund
have exceeded $2.8 million since inception, and 120 projects have been funded since the Kemmerer
Foundation transitioned to the Wyoming Community Foundation in 1999.

The Kemmerer Foundation was established in 1981, following the sale of the Kemmerer Coal Company. John L.
Kemmerer set up a $1,000,000 endowment to benefit Kemmerer, Diamondville and the area known as
Frontier. This was his way of giving back to the area that had done so much for his family.

In 2019 WYCF granted over $11 million to nonprofits and at its most recent meeting, the Wyoming Community
Foundation distributed over $750,000 to various organizations across the state – $118,160 in the Kemmerer

The Kemmerer Foundation Fund granted to the following organizations in March:
• City of Kemmerer
• Kemmerer Elementary PTO
• Kemmerer Little League
• South Lincoln Hospital District
• The Kemmerer Senior Center
• Town of Diamondville

The Kemmerer Foundation Fund Committee has reached out to these grant recipients with an opportunity to
have their photo taken and shared in the paper. In light of the recent events around the COVID-19 pandemic,
the committee will follow the governor’s recommendations on social distancing.

The next grant application deadline for the Kemmerer Foundation Fund at WYCF is December 15th. Nonprofit
organizations working to strengthen the communities of Kemmerer, Diamondville and the Frontier area are
encouraged to apply.

Over time, the Kemmerer family has continued to add to this endowment. If you are interested in contributing
to the Kemmerer Foundation Fund or for more information about the Wyoming Community Foundation and
the organizations it supports, visit or call (307) 721-8300.