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Kemmerer water issues take a more complicated turn

After battling with serious leaks in the water lines last week, information from Town of Kemmerer officials states that the issue is about to become a bigger project.

“On behalf of the Kemmerer – Diamondville Water Wastewater Joint Powers Board, I need to inform you that we have an ongoing issue with the 16” Transmission Line at 9th West,” said  Brent McClarnon, Operations Manager for the Kemmerer-Diamondville Water Wastewater Joint Powers Board. “Our Contractor and the JPB Utility Crew have been diligently working to correct the leaks day and night for the past few days, however at this point the 30 year old Ductile Iron 16” line continues to crumble under pressure. New leaks keep popping up as fast as we can patch them. The latest leak ruptured Saturday evening around 11pm. Therefore, we believe our only option is to begin a major repair project opposed to chasing leaks in the old pipe. We will start excavating this location once again on Monday to get everything prepped so on Tuesday morning we will be able to shut off the water and splice a new stick of 16” PVC pipe and get everything back on line on Tuesday afternoon/evening if all goes well. To just clarify, the water will remain on Sunday evening through Monday and will then be shut off on Tuesday early morning. If during excavation on Monday the pipe completely collapses water may have to be cut off sooner than we anticipate. In that event we will notify the public via Facebook, Kemmerer City Notification System and the radio station.”

McCarnon is urging Kemmerer residents to do what they can to prepare for an early February without consistent water.

“We wanted to get the word out to the community as soon as possible so that everyone can make the appropriate arrangements to get their laundry caught up, fill up your washer, bathtubs, sinks, water jugs, etc. so you will have water to use to flush toilets, etc,” he said. “We will keep you informed as additional information becomes available through Facebook, Kemmerer City Notification System, and the radio station. Thank you once again for your continued patience.”