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KICK IT OR KEEP IT: “Rock n Roll Bone” by Collin Raye

A song from Collin Raye’s most recent album is up for vote in this week’s Kick It or Keep It.

Raye’s album, titled Scars, was released in September of 2020.  Ray performed a few songs from the new album during his live concert in Star Valley on Wednesday, November 17.

One of the songs is titled “Rock n Roll Bone” and is based on Collin’s own childhood, and when he experienced his first rock concert after growing up listening to only country music.

“Rock n Roll Bone” is a up for vote on both stations, Swift 98 and The Spur. If you like the song vote to keep it. If you don’t like the song vote to kick it. Vote by texting 307-203-4637. Voting ends at 12:00 noon on Monday, November 22.


First thing I remember, I was standing by my brother
Singing “My Heart Skips A Beat”
It was Buck, Merle, Jones, Cash rattling the car dash
Cruising down a small-town street
Elvis had the killer hair and lots of Roger Miller
Makes a little boy’s eyes get wide
Got a big dose of Johnny Horton, Connie Smith, and Jim Reeves
Conway and Charley Pride

Old Hank was the man, is the man, will be the man
Ain’t nobody disputing that
But then I turned thirteen, a little bitty James Dean
And went to see Foghat

I got a rock ‘n’ roll bone, it quickly came alive
I knew I had to have it for this country boy to survive
I found Chuck Berry, the Beatles, and the Rolling Stones
Yeah, me and Bocephus, we got a rock ‘n’ roll bone

Next thing I remember I was working in the beer joint
Cut and Shoot honky-tonk dives
It was me and Scotty up all night, trying to keep the music right
Singing “Mama’s Hungry Eyes”
May have seemed silly doing so much Kris and Willie
When the clientele just wanted to howl
But even lots of Waylon could only keep us sailing
For just so long till the natives would growl

Well, the boss said, “Pick it up, turn it up and keep it up
And get the rowdies outta the door”
But then we broke an inter to a bit of Lynyrd Skynyrd
Just to keep ’em out on the floor

I got a rock ‘n’ roll bone, I can’t get enough
I know it ain’t about to go down till the sun comes up
I found Bob Seger, heard the boss singing “Thunder Road”
Yeah, me and old Garth, we got a rock ‘n’ roll bone

I love Dolly, I love Freddie
I need it all to keep me rocking steady
Billy Joel, Tom Petty
I think when I was born I already had a rock ‘n’ roll bone

Yeah, I got a rock ‘n’ roll bone, it’s gotta stay alive
I know I’ve gotta have it for this country boy to survive
I found Glenn and Don, Stevie Nicks really turn me on
Yeah, I just can’t help it, I got a rock ‘n’ roll bone

Yeah, I got a rock ‘n’ roll bone, it’s still alive and well
Damn sure it’s never gonna change near as I can tell
We dig those Jimis and how they make them guitars moan
Yeah, me and my brother, we got a rock ‘n’ roll bone
Got a rock ‘n’ roll bone

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