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Knudsen enters plea agreement

TORRINGTON (WNE) — Former municipal judge and local attorney Greg Knudsen’s counsel has entered a Request For Hearing on Change of Plea and a Binding Plea Agreement with the District Court of the Eighth Judicial District.

The plea agreement was signed by Assistant District Attorney Kevin Taheri, defense attorney P. Craig Silva and Knudsen.

According to the agreement, Knudsen will plead no contest to two counts of third degree sexual assault and three counts of stalking.

The agreement continues, “The State will dismiss (the) remaining counts …”

The remaining counts to be dismissed are two counts of stalking, one count of unlawful contact, one count of third degree sexual assault and one count of burglary.

Should the court accept the agreement, Knudsen could receive a suspended sentence of four years to six years for the felony counts.

The plea agreement also requests that the sentence for each remaining misdemeanor be suspended for six months and the felony and misdemeanor sentences be served concurrently.

As of publication, the court has not answered on the request for a hearing to change Knudsen’s plea.