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LCSD No. 2 Education Foundation asking for donations to help give scholarships to seniors; goal is $200,000

◆ Community Scholarship Drive’s Goal is $200,000.

LCSD No. 2 Education Foundation is asking the public for donations for its Community Scholarship Drive and is hoping to raise $200,000 for high school seniors in the community.

In the 2019-2020 drive it raised $103,950 for 80 students. Administrator for the Education Foundation, Ashley Cranney, says it is also to honor the 20th anniversary for the foundation.

“We wanted to go big and grand,” Cranney said. “So, we thought ‘why not try to double that’ and so this year we are going to go for the $200,000 mark.”

She says it has released an ad in the newspaper with a QR code if anyone is interested in donating, but do not have any interest in being part of the scholarship application process.

“All of that will go into a scholarship pool,” Cranney said. “Where the Education Foundation Board will work through the applications and award on that.”

She says another way is you can work with them on a pledge form process. With this you can decide the amount of the scholarship, the number of recipients, what criteria and qualifications you would like, and clear down to giving the final selection of the applicants. She also says the foundation is a 501 (C) (3) non-profit organization.

“So you have your choice,” Cranney said. “You can either award those scholarships directly to the students which a lot of businesses do choose to go that route or you can choose to go through the Education Foundation with the tax benefits.”

She also says there are lots of ways to set up scholarships and so if you have questions you should reach out. There is everything from businesses reaching out to individuals and family memorials doing so as well.
“We have graduating classes coming together,” Cranney said. “To pull an amount for their scholarship. Community organizations, it can be whatever you want it to be.”

She says one neat thing is she gets to meet these students as they are on their way out to go to their different institutions. They make their last stop here to pick up their funds.

“I imagine it’s a lot like what our kindergartner teachers see on that first day of school,” Cranney said. “A lot of excitement and adventure, a desire to prove themselves, and prove to their families they are ready for this step.”

She says even though there is this hopefulness it comes with some uncertainty and that is where the Education Foundation comes in to help. She also says even the most modest donation can make a difference in the student’s financial situation.

In a press release the foundation says there are a few things to keep in mind: “If going through the foundation, scholarships can be awarded to blood relatives but not your own children. Funds awarded through the foundation are awarded directly to the students once the required forms of enrollment verification are received. As students don’t immediately enroll in college or another training program immediately after High School, these scholarships await them for 3 years, then at that time any unclaimed funds carryover to other students to be awarded through the application process.”