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Lew Lamb’s legend grows with the release of “Safety Last”

Lew Lamb is at it again. While that is a phrase that has no doubt been used by victims of Lamb’s sense of mischief, on this occasion it is being used in relation to Lamb’s writing.

In 2006 Lamb released his first book, “Safety First.” The book proved to be an instant hit across the region and even earned some state recognition.

In July 2017, “Safety First” was recognized by the Wyoming State Historical Society Awards Committee for winning first place in the self-published work category.

This year Lamb has released a follow-up book, “Safety Last,” which continues the story of some of his crazy adventures.

Lamb was born in Logan, Utah in 1936. He was raised in Hyde Park — neck deep in ranching.
After completing a teaching degree at Utah State University, Lamb and his growing family eventually ended up in Star Valley. As a science teacher at Star Valley High School, Lamb certainly kept students and staff on their toes.

Anyone that knows Lamb will get more than one chuckle out of his second book. Anyone who knows the legend of Lamb will shake their head and wonder if the stories can possibly be true. They are.

“Safety Last” provides a hilarious continuation of Lamb’s first book. And, helps to answer the age old question of: “What do snakes, mules, dead cats, explosions, wrestling, family, soul searching accidents and more accidents have in common?”

The answer, of course, is Lew Lamb!

“Safety Last” is available at a number of local retailers and through the Star Valley Historical Society.

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