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Lincoln County Republican Party Challenges Mask Mandate

The following is a press release from the Lincoln County Republican Party


The Lincoln County Republican Party challenges the authority of Dr. Christopher Krell to issue the November 18, 2020 county-wide mask mandate and seeks its immediate withdrawal.

Dr. Krell, an unelected official, sought permission from the unelected Dr. Alexis Harrist, the Wyoming Public Health officer, to force mask-wearing on the free people of Lincoln County.

In a clearly orchestrated effort by appointed health officials, unaccountable to the voters, Dr. Krell’s mandate was simultaneously replicated around the state yesterday.  This was, obviously, a fast end run around our elected officials from our county commissioners to our mayors and town councils.  Input from the public was never solicited.

It appears from the letter written by our elected Lincoln County Commissioners in response to the order that Dr. Krell did not seek their counsel.  This is unacceptable and outrageous in a Constitutional Representative Republic.

On October 31, 2020 the Lincoln County Republican Party Central Committee passed a Resolution calling on Governor Gordon to rescind the Public Health Emergency in Wyoming.  Lincoln and several other counties brought substantially similar Resolutions to the Wyoming Republican Party Central Committee meeting last weekend in Newcastle.

In light of the Resolution below, which unanimously passed Saturday, November 14, 2020 by the Wyoming Republican Party, we call on Dr. Krell to rescind his order immediately.

If he does not, we urge our elected Lincoln County Commissioners to nullify this unconstitutional order at their earliest opportunity.

Signed, The Executive Committee of the Lincoln County Republican Party

Michael Lundgren, Chairman

Dale Towery, Vice-Chairman, South

Wade Hirschi, Vice-Chairman, North and Treasurer

Taylor Allred, State Committeeman

Christine Riker, State Committeewoman

Marti Halverson, Secretary



WHEREAS, on March 13, 2020 Governor Mark Gordon declared a State of Emergency for Wyoming, Order 2020-2 Declaration of a State of Emergency and a Public Health Emergency that is still in full effect as of November 14, 2020.

WHEREAS, the Declaration of a State of Emergency was intended to “flatten the curve” to ensure our medical capabilities were not overcome in the short-run before additional resources could be prepared; and

WHEREAS, it is regrettable that many of our friends, neighbors, and even family members have passed due to complications of the flu, the COVID-19 Coronavirus, and other infectious diseases in the past year the overall number of Wyoming deaths has remained consistent over the past decade; and

WHEREAS, the ongoing State of Emergency has proved to be worse than the cure which that has been imposed by the state’s restrictions on the right of individuals and business owners to make a living in support themselves and their families continues to greatly damage the citizens and economy of the Great State of Wyoming; and

WHEREAS, although we urge continued personal vigilance, it has always been up to the citizens of Wyoming to make their own health care decisions, even when they are in at-risk groups.

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, the Wyoming Republican Party calls on Governor Mark Gordon to immediately rescind the Order 2020-2 Declaration of a State of Emergency and a Public Health Emergency. A copy of this resolution shall be sent to the Governor, all Republican State Senators and Republican State Representatives, and the Wyoming Supreme Court.

Passed by the Central Committee, November 14, 2020, Newcastle, WY