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Lincoln County Sheriffs Department looking to hire dispatchers and detention officers

Lincoln County Sheriff Shane Johnson says the department is looking to hire dispatchers and detention officers saying it offers “pretty good careers”.

He says it was staffed fully at one time, but life has taken people in other directions and so the department needs to fill these positions as quickly as it can. It has started to go through applications.

“It’s a pretty rewarding job the dispatcher,” Johnson said. “Tough job, but it can be really rewarding and a good career move. Detention officer, patrol guys same way.”

He says it does not matter if you do not really know anything about it. He says he has no previous relatives that served on the force in any capacity.

“I started becoming interested,” Johnson said. “I started testing with departments and went one some ride-alongs and decided that was something I wanted to do.”

30 years later he is still in law enforcement. So, if you have any “inkling” he says the department is more than happy to let someone come sit along and educate you about what they do.

“Let people figure out if this is something they want to do as a career,” Johnson said.

You can apply on the county’s website here. He says if you are interested in learning more about law enforcement as a possible career you can reach out to any of the department members from the county’s website as well.