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Mask order extended in Teton County until April 16

JACKSON (WNE) – Jackson Hole residents and visitors will have to keep covering their noses and mouths as a COVID-19 prevention measure through mid-April.

Though Wyoming’s statewide mask mandate ended Tuesday, Teton County has been approved for a local mask order Tuesday through April 16. It requires people 12 and older to wear face coverings outside the home, with several exceptions, including a medical condition that precludes mask wearing.

Teton District Health Officer Dr. Travis Riddell said in a press release that a mask mandate was still necessary and appropriate in Teton County. He cited the recent increase in case counts and the presence of variants of the coronavirus.

“We want to keep the mask order in place until a larger percentage of our community has been given the chance to receive the COVID-19 vaccine,” he said.

Teton District Public Health Order No. 21-3 requires anyone older than 12 to wear a face covering when inside or in line to enter any business, government facility, health care facility, taxi or public transportation.

All employees of retail and commercial businesses, and local and municipal government facilities open to the public must wear a face covering when within 6 feet of customers, clients, volunteers or other employees.