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More fake $100 bills passed in Jackson

JACKSON (WNE) —Police now believe there are two men passing counterfeit cash at area stores.

After releasing information and surveillance photos last month of a man using fake $100 bills at Hoback Sports and Wyoming Camera Outfitters, officers said they have since learned of another counterfeit bill being used at Knobe’s Radio Shack.

Three other cases of fake $100 bills being used at stores in Alpine and Afton might be related, police said.

In late October a man used a fake $100 bill and a real $20 bill to purchase $116 photography gloves at Wyoming Camera Outfitters, Jackson police Sgt. Russ Ruschill said. That bill wasn’t caught until it was taken to Wells Fargo.

At Hoback Sports on Nov. 6, a man used another fake $100 to buy two Buffs, police said.

In surveillance footage from that purchase, the man is wearing a Realtree hoodie with a white skull on the front, faded jeans with holes in them, sunglasses and a blue surgical mask. That same day two men used a fake $100 at Knobe’s Radio Shack in Jackson to buy a scanner antenna and connector, police recently learned.

A few weeks earlier, according to Afton Chief of Police Jason Romberg, two fake $100s were passed at Family Dollar and Tractor Supply in Afton. But those cases didn’t produce any suspect leads, so Romberg isn’t comfortable assuming the Jackson cases are related to his cases.

Now detectives are working together to compare notes. Romberg said counterfeit money is rare in his jurisdiction.

“The last one was three to four years ago,” he said. “And that was just one deal and done.”

In the Jackson cases, detectives are comparing the fake bills and collecting video surveillance to narrow leads.