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New Lincoln County Commissioner Jerry Hansen says it is working on updating Natural Resource Management Plan

Newly sworn in Lincoln County Commissioner, Jerry Hansen, says it is working on updating the Natural Resource Management Plan and will discuss it in its next meeting.

He says it is important as the county deals with the federal government with such agencies like Bureau of Land Management, the National Forest Service, etc.

“In trying to protect and preserve our way of life in Lincoln County,” Hansen said. “It’s very detailed and gives information if you’re going to do this type of an operation in Lincoln County as a federal agency would you please take into consideration these items?”

He acknowledged that it will not be able to really dictate what these departments may do, but it will give details so that these agencies can make sure all aspects have been thought through and planned for.

He also says the document is a couple of hundred pages and he believes it may be more important than most may consider.

“I think, frankly, we’re headed back to another era of war on the west,” Hansen said. “Anything we can do to preserve our way of life is going to be crucial.”

The next commission meeting will be held Tuesday and Wednesday at 10 AM.