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Nothing to be sheepish about with 4H

Elvira and Bullseye occupy a lot of attention in the Parsons’ household.

◆ Calvin Parsons like to raise sheep.

Nine-year-old Calvin Parsons is in his second year raising sheep as his 4-H project for the Lincoln County Fair.

“I like sheep because they are soft and warm,” said Parsons. “This year I have two sheep. One is named Elvira and the other is Bullseye. Elvira likes to eat grain from my hand. She doesn’t like to get wet and is skittish around new people and noise. Bullseye likes people and he is more sociable.

Parson’s enjoys 4-H. “It’s a lot of hard work, but I like to spend time with my sheep. I walk, feed and work with them several times a day. Sometimes my younger brothers like to help me. I am saving my 4-H money for college. I might also save some for a BIG TV, (but I’ll have to clear that with my Mom). I think everyone should be involved with the 4-H program.”