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Off-Roading in the Winter: Best Places To Go

Off-Roading in the Winter: Best Places To Go

Snow-covered trails, icy obstacles, and stunning scenery topped with a blanket of shimmery white powder: there’s nothing quite like off-roading in the winter. If you’ve put on your snow tires and you’re ready to experience the many joys and challenges of a winter off-roading trip, there’s only one thing left to do: find somewhere to go. If you’re looking for the ultimate snowy-season off-roading excursion, consider checking out one of these best places to go off-roading in the winter.

Moab, Utah

Moab, Utah, is a bustling off-roading destination during the warmer months of the year, as avid off-roading enthusiasts flock to experience driving through the stunningly beautiful canyons and challenging rocky obstacles. During the winter, however, things start to slow down a bit, which means it’s the perfect time to visit for anyone seeking a more intimate experience.

Winter is one of the only times you can cruise down the many scenic trails in Moab without having to maneuver around a bunch of other hikers, bikers, and off-roaders who are also looking to experience the area’s beauty. So grab your winch kit and head out to the Seven Mile Rim Trail, the Paiute Trail, or one of the other iconic trails this beautiful land has to offer.

The Bighorn Mountains, Wyoming

The Bighorn Mountains are a stunningly beautiful mountain range located in central Wyoming. In addition to breathtaking natural scenery, including snow-covered alpine meadows, glacier valleys, and rolling hills, the mountain range is also home to an abundant array of wildlife, including bighorn sheep. Here, you’ll find no shortage of trails to ride, as the area offers over 1,500 designated trail ways to explore. Just make sure not to stray from the designated trails, as doing so can cause substantial disturbance to the aforementioned wildlife and their habitats.

Drummond Island, Michigan

Drummond Island offers an expansive network of off-roading trails that will take you across lakeshores and through lush forests, sprawling meadows, and shallow streams. Across the island, you can explore roughly 40 miles of ORV trails and 60 miles of ATV routes, which comprise the largest closed-loop trail system in the entire state.

Winter off-roading is always a challenge, but Drummond Island offers trails for a wide range of skill levels—from novice to expert. Before embarking on a trip to this incredible island, you should be aware that snow levels can vary greatly. As such, it’s important to prepare your vehicle properly and come equipped with ample recovery gear.