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Off-Roading Lingo You Need to Know

Off-Roading Lingo You Need to Know

Have you been in a situation and had no idea what was going on? Maybe you were in a new group of people and, even though they were speaking English, they were essentially speaking their own language. They had their own lingo. Different groups have different ways of talking to each other and the only way to fully understand the group is being in it. The off-roading community is no different and they have their own vocabulary too. There is even a section in the urban thesaurus covering off-roading lingo. Get your truck ready to hit the trails and study up on the off-roading lingo you need to know, so you don’t sound like a noob.

Jeep Abuse – Owning any kind of Jeep and not tricking it out and taking it off-roading.

Rock Rash – Any kind of paint damage or scratch from coming into contact with rocks while off-roading.

Add a Leaf – An affordable technique for lifting a vehicle that has leaf springs. An extra leaf is added to the back to lift the vehicle.

Dead Man – A fixed anchor point that is used to pull any stuck vehicle free using a winch. The cable is attached to that point and the winch is actuated.

Arizona Pin Stripe – Horizontal scratches that extend from the front fender to the rear quarter panel. They are frequently caused by cactus needles when off-roading in Arizona.

Off Camber – When a vehicle is sideways enough on an incline that the chance of rolling over is increased.

Fun Cut – A detour that is not short or easy. It is always more fun and involves dirt and catching air in vehicles that aren’t meant to. A slightly more extreme level of off-roading.

Approach Angle – The steepest angle a vehicle can climb or descend before the front bumper or any part of it will come into contact with the ground.

High Centered – When a vehicle gets stuck because the midsection became lodged on an obstacle or the ground. Both sets of wheels come off the ground.

Line – The path chosen by the driver to climb over an obstacle.

Sand Ladders – Traction aid that helps a stuck vehicle get out of sand, mud, or snow. They are flat metal pieces with holes for the tires to grip.