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Star Valley COVID-19 cases rise by five

Wyoming saw its second-highest increase in confirmed coronavirus cases on Monday as 10 counties reported 29 new cases to boost the total number of cases confirmed since the illness was first detected in Wyoming to 1,151.

The Wyoming Department of Health, in its daily coronavirus update, reported new cases were seen in Albany, Big Horn, Laramie, Lincoln, Natrona, Park, Sweetwater, Teton, Uinta and Weston counties.

Uinta and Laramie counties had the largest increase for the day at six each.

The Department of Health’s coronavirus totals count all of the cases detected since the illlness was first detected in Wyoming in mid-March and does not take into account recoveries or deaths.

As of Monday, the number of confirmed cases seen since mid-March totaled 318 in Fremont County; 164 in Laramie County; 140 in Uinta County; 102 in Natrona County; 95 in Teton County; 78 in Sweetwater County; 42 in Campbell; 34 in Washakie; 33 in Park; 31 in Albany; 18 in Sheridan; 16 in Converse and Johnson; 13 in Carbon; 12 in Lincoln; 11 in Big Horn; nine in Hot Springs; seven in Crook; four in Goshen; three in Sublette; two in Platte and Weston, and one in Niobrara.

The number of active cases stood at 362 on Monday, including 290 among those with confirmed coronavirus cases and 72 among those with probable cases.

The active case number reflects recoveries among 843 patients with confirmed cases and 227 patients with probable cases for a total recovery number of 1,070 since mid-March.

The following is a news release from Star Valley Health

Since Sunday, June 28th, Lincoln County has seen five more positive cases of COVID-19. This represents a forty-five percent increase in coronavirus cases for Lincoln County in the past two days. Currently, Wyoming is seeing a surge in the virus with twenty-five percent of Wyoming’s total number of lab-confirmed cases of COVID-19 identified in the past two weeks. Nationwide, positive case continue to rise across many states including Idaho, Utah and Montana. In Governor Gordon’s press release today he emphasized the need to stay diligent with mitigation efforts. “It is clear from the recent increase in cases statewide that the dual threat of COVID-19 to both the health of our citizens and the health of our economy is not going away,” Governor Gordon said. “No one wants to see the progress we have made vanish, but that requires each of us to make a concerted effort to slow the spread of the virus. It is really simple and depends on everyone practicing good hygiene, social distancing and doing their best to wear a mask in public where social distancing isn’t possible. It’s the way you and our economy will both stay healthy.”