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By Sarah Hale and
Dan Dockstader
SVI Media

Santa letters being accepted

AFTON – The Town of Afton and the Afton Main Street Alliance are working together with Santa Claus this season on Christmas letters.
Area youth are encouraged to write letters to Santa and turn them in to Santa’s Mailbox at the information center adjacent to the Lincoln County Fair Grounds by Friday, December 18.
“If you want a response from Santa please include an easy to read return address with your letter,” said Violet Sanderson of the Town of Afton. “Santa’s helpers will respond to the letters.”
Santa letter templates are available to print from the Town of Afton Facebook Page and the Afton Main Street Alliance Facebook Page. Or, children are welcome to submit a letter without using the templates.
According to Sanderson, the Letters to Santa project kicked off in December 2019 as part of the Town of Afton’s efforts to create a holiday atmosphere and share a little bit of Christmas cheer.

Water system project wraps up for season

SV RANCH – Star Valley Ranch is bringing the construction season to a temporary halt for the winter, but has plans to continue in the 2021 summer season.
The town is preparing a water system designed to prepare the community for full build out at 2,100 homes.
Since 2007, SVR has gone through a detailed planning and construction process, expanding the town’s water system, making repairs and replacing several miles of pipe, while installing a system of new fire hydrants throughout the community.
Mayor Kathleen Buyers advises the $6 million project is designed to accommodate more homes, and at the same time keep homes safe with new fire hydrants.
A bid opening on the next phase of the town’s water project was scheduled for Tuesday, Dec. 8, 2020.

Thayne makes plans for booster pump

THAYNE – The Town of Thayne is preparing for development on the east side of the community, where initial construction projects have started.
As part of an annexation request for one subdivision to annex into the community, and use municipal water the town accepted water booster pumps as part of the annexation agreement.
With the booster system, the town can safely provide water to the annexed area without causing damage in the overall system.
The boosters were a factor in the approval of $200,000 in funding from the State Loan and Investment Board earlier in December. Mayor Devin Simpson said the improvements will help Thayne prepare for anticipated growth on the east side.

Alpine Ice Rink is up and running

ALPINE – The Town of Alpine is polishing up its community ice rink.
“We have ice,” said Mayor Kennis Lutz. “Come on out and enjoy it.”
In the next few days the town will add lighting to the rink area as well as picnic tables and a shelter.
According to Lutz, each winter the ice rink in Alpine gives families and friends a place to come together and have a good time during the winter months.
The community ice rink is located adjacent to the Alpine Town Hall and is open to anyone who would like to use it.