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State treasurer’s office works to overhaul aspects of accounting system

Wyoming State Treasurer Curt Meir says the office has overhauled aspects of the accounting system continuing the work of those before him.

For the last three years the office had no way of tracking where to get money and where the money went when doing transactions.

“Have got that running,” Meir said. “I won’t say that it’s running very smoothly, but we’ve got it running.”

He said as a result of this his office had to lay off about a dozen money managers and hire eight more.

“These are really the best of the best out there right now,” Meir said.

He said he has received a very important task from Governor Mark Gordon on major maintenance and capital construction. He said the routine maintenance process has been placed on the back burner, but with technology updates he says there will be an easier path to track when those routines must be done.
He says another issue his office is dealing with is it has over $364 million in capital construction requests.

“I caution everybody that even though I’m voting for those, that we may not have the funds to fund that amount,” Meir said. “So the governor has asked me to put together some priority lists, so that’s what we’ll do.”

He says they’ll be looking at two different areas when putting together these lists.

“The need in the individual area that were requested,” Meir said. “And also looking at essentially how much we have to have in capital construction to have a good base amount of work for our construction industry in the state.”

He also says he wants to emphasize unclaimed properties to the people of Wyoming. He says the treasury has $85 million of it.

“I mean it’s really your money,” Meir said. “Because your name is on it.”

He says you can get online or call the Treasurer’s office to see if you may have unclaimed properties.