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Bighorn National Forest

Camping free-for-all? Strategies emerge to manage forest crowds

By Katie Klingsporn, Randy Pickett was hiking along a creek bottom during a recent camping trip in the Bighorn National Forest when he noticed tire tracks in the vegetation. “I’m like, ‘those are tire tracks from somebody’s ATV, and…

Two die in plane crash near Buffalo

CASPER (WNE) – Two people died Thursday when a small plane crashed in the Bighorn National Forest, the Johnson County Sheriff’s Office reported Sunday. The plane went down en route to Buffalo from Powell. It ignited a wildfire that, as…

Travelers flocking to Bighorn National Forest

———————- By Stephen Dow Buffalo Bulletin Via- Wyoming News Exchange BUFFALO — After months cooped up inside, travelers from across the country have made a beeline for the wide-open spaces of the Bighorn National Forest this spring. “One thing we’ve…