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Health Topics Tuesday

(Video) – Cooper Jensen from Star Valley EMS

* Health Topics Tuesday is a sponsored segment by Star Valley Health Each week SVI speaks with employees and volunteers who work towards keeping the area healthy as part of a Health Topics Tuesday. Today’s conversation is with Cooper Jensen,…

(Video) – Star Valley Health CFO Chad Turner

*Health Topics Tuesday is sponsored segment from Star Valley Health* Chief Financial Officer of Star Valley Health, Chad Turner, spoke with SVI about the organization’s patient assistance program. He stated that Star Valley Health does not want the cost of…

(Video) Dr. Brian McClure with Star Valley Health

* Health Topics Tuesday is a sponsored segment by Star Valley Health This week’s Health Topics Tuesday features Dr. Brian McClure who spoke to SVI about pain management and how programs at Star Valley Health can help.

(Video) – Dr. Jonah Green, General Surgeon with Star Valley Health

* Health Topics Tuesday is a sponsored segment from Star Valley Health Dr. Jonah Green brings a wealth of experience as a surgeon to Star Valley Health. He spoke with Duke Dance as part of a Health Topics Tuesday.

(Video) – Star Valley EMS

This post of Health Topics Tuesday is sponsored by Star Valley Health. This week’s conversation takes place with members of the area emergency medical services.

(Video): Dr. Todd Haderlie of Star Valley Health

This video of Dr. Todd Haderlie is part of Health Topics Tuesday, a sponsored health care segment from Star Valley Health.

(Video) – SVMC Health Topics Tuesday: Dr. Drew Polson

Dr. Drew Polson is a new Family Physician at Star Valley Medical Center who has spent time in Colorado, Texas, Idaho and now Star Valley. He tells us about his family and introduces his journey as part of a SVMC…

(Video) – Star Valley Medical Center’s Health Topics Tuesday: Kristen Simpson

Kristen Simpson, COTA (Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant) with Star Valley Therapy Services spoke with SVI regarding her responsibilities with Star Valley Medical Center.

(Video) – SVMC officials speak about the Alpine Urgent Care facilities

As part of a Star Valley Medical Center Health Topics Tuesday, COO Mike Hunsaker and provider Mark Larson speak about the Urgent Care facility in Alpine.

(Video) – Carol Jones of Star Valley Medical Center

Carol Jones, a Registered OB Nurse with Star Valley Medical Center, spoke with SVI as part of a SVMC Health Topics Tuesday.