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Jackson Hole Airport Board

Jackson Hole Airport to build new private aviation terminal, offices

JACKSON (WNE) — The Jackson Hole Airport Board voted 4-1 Monday to spend roughly $50 million on a controversial new building that will house a terminal for private aviation and new offices for airport staff. Board members also elected to…

Jackson Hole Airport Runway Reconstruction Halfway Complete

Project on schedule to reopen to air traffic on June 28 Reconstruction of the Jackson Hole Airport’s (JAC) 50-year-old runway passed the halfway point. The airport has been closed since mid-April for the project and still has one month to…

Wyoming State Supreme Court Upholds District Court Opinion on Revenue Bonds

Jackson, Wyoming – The Wyoming Supreme Court issued a ruling today that affirmed the District Court of Teton County, and held that the Jackson Hole Airport Board may use revenue bonds to purchase the assets of Jackson Hole Aviation, the Airport’s…