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Lincoln County Wyoming

Bee Brood Disease Found in Wyoming Apiary

• American foulbrood (AFB) is a devastating honey bee brood disease and was recently confirmed in a hive in Lincoln County, Wyoming. American foulbrood (AFB) is an infectious, notifiable, bacterial brood disease that weakens and kills honey bee colonies. Early detection…

Nuclear reactor back in focus at Kemmerer meeting

By Virginia Giorgis Bridger Valley Pioneer Via- Wyoming News Exchange LYMAN — A meeting was held Tuesday in Kemmerer during which the proposed TerraPower nuclear plant was discussed and residents questioned the timeline and safety of the proposed plant.  The…

New Lincoln County Chief of Staff prioritizes projects

  • Allen joins commission after working for SLCEDC. The new Lincoln County Commission Chief of Staff Stephen Allen says there are several projects they want to prioritize as they seek to create some unity with the new role. Allen…

Lower Valley Energy considers solar operations for Star Valley

• Survey shows positive response to solar power. Lower Valley Energy (LVE) CEO Jim Webb says the company is considering building a solar project in Lincoln County which customers can eventually subscribe to. He says they are working with Energy…

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Aug. 28: Lincoln County Commissioner Kent Connelly

TriSight Founder discusses uses for coal and timelines

• Company reports to LC Planning/Zoning. Founder and President of TriSight, Brad Burnham, sat down with SVI to discuss different uses for coal, along with timelines to get up and running in Lincoln County. He says they formed the company…

Independent Notes: The Role of Minerals in our State and County Economics

Sen. John Barrasso made a stop in Star Valley this week. He maintains a tradition of attending the Lincoln Fair Parade every year. I have always appreciated that visit because its easy to get caught up in the work with…

Photo Gallery: Lincoln County Fair Endurocross

There were thrills, spills and a couple of chills as riders tried to solve the Endurocross course at the Lincoln County Fairgrounds on Monday night. Here are a few shots of the evening. (Photos by Dahl Erickson)