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Stewart Trail

Stewart Trail residents cautiously optimistic about future of area proposal

The 3 Lincoln County Commissioners, Y2 Consultants, and residents of the Stewart Trail area met on Feb 11 to discuss the details of the county’s plan for the proposed Stewart Trail development.  Commission Chair, Robert King,stated early in the meeting…

Stewart Trail residents organize to meet with commissioners

Approximately fifty residents of the Stewart Trail area met at the Etna Civic Center Feb 2 to prepare for the February 11 meeting with Lincoln County Commissioners and Y2 Consultants.  There was a lot of flannel, work boots, and denim…

Residents oppose Stewart Trail proposal

Residents living near the proposed development on Stewart Trail contacted Lincoln County Commissioners this week to voice their “opposition to the master plan for the BLM outlined by Lincoln County and Y2 Consultants.” They want to suggest a more reasonable,…