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TerraPower nuclear plant in Kemmerer to be delayed until 2030

TerraPower, the company who is currently building a Natrium Nuclear Reactor power plant in Kemmerer, has announced the project will likely be delayed at least two years. In a released statement, TerraPower said the delay is related to the unavailability…

TriSite looks to bring hopeful future for coal and Lincoln County

Lincoln County Treasurer Jerry Greenfield and TriSite President Brad Barham is hopeful the company has a bright future for both coal and the community. Greenfield has helped lead the way on the effort to look at coal-to-products. The county treasurer…

Towns welcome second chance at nuclear plant

By Nicole Pollack Casper Star-Tribune Via- Wyoming News Exchange CASPER – For the Wyoming towns not chosen to host a demonstration nuclear reactor, word that they’re back in the running for a new wave of plants came sooner than expected….

Nuclear industry eyes expansion despite tenuous start

By Dustin Bleizeffer, Having already agreed to take on one nuclear power plant in Wyoming, western utility giant PacifiCorp will now consider adding five more to its electric generation fleet by 2035, by co-locating “small modular reactors” where it…

TerraPower and PacifiCorp Announce Efforts to Expand Natrium Technology Deployment

The following is a press release from TerraPower TerraPower, a nuclear innovation company, and PacifiCorp, a regulated utility, announced Thursday their undertaking of a joint study to evaluate the feasibility of deploying up to five additional Natrium reactor and integrated…

LC Commission looking into setting up mini nuclear power plants in communities

Lincoln County Commissioner Jerry Hansen says the Commission is looking into setting up mini nuclear plants in communities through a company called Oklo. He says one of these small nuclear plants could theoretically power up to 10,000 to 15,000 homes….

Nuclear firm TerraPower raises $750M from investors

By Nicole Pollack Casper Star-Tribune Via- Wyoming News Exchange CASPER — TerraPower, the advanced nuclear developer planning to build a demonstration reactor in Kemmerer by 2028, announced Monday that it has raised $750 million from new private investments. The bulk…

UW begins nuclear energy research project

By Abby Vander Graaff Laramie Boomerang Via- Wyoming News Exchange LARAMIE — As nuclear energy makes its way into Wyoming, local scientists will join a nationwide effort to learn more about emerging nuclear technologies and potential impacts on communities. University…

TerraPower boosts nuclear fuel efforts amid calls for import ban

By Dustin Bleizeffer, – The U.S. needs to revitalize its uranium mining industry and fast-track an expansion of its nuclear fuel processing capabilities to end reliance on Russia and other foreign adversaries for its nuclear power industry, Wyoming’s congressional…

Kemmerer region prepares for a year of growth in 2022

◆ Mayor says growth will be regional in three states. Kemmerer Mayor Bill Thek is watching the work load increase for himself, the city council and city staff following the announcement of the Natrium nuclear power plant for the community….