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Wyoming Primary Election

Wyoming State Canvassing Board to Meet and Certify Primary Election Results

CHEYENNE, WY – The Wyoming State Canvassing Board will convene on Wednesday, August 24th.  The Board will certify the primary election results and those nominated candidates who will be moving on to Wyoming’s General Election in November.  Members of the…

Lincoln County Clerk reminds voters of new Voter ID Law before primaries begin in August

Lincoln County Clerk April Brunski joined SVI to remind the community of the new Voter ID Law and discussed election integrity. The Wyoming State Legislature passed the law, and it went into effect last year. She says she wants to…

Wyoming State Canvassing Board certifies Primary Election results

CHEYENNE, WY –The Wyoming State Canvassing Board certified the primary election results on Wednesday morning, August 29th – making what were previously unofficial results official. The State Canvassing Board examined the results of state-level races across Wyoming and certified 117…